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Welcome to GyanWalaDost. If you are here, this shows you want to know more about Gyanwaladost or Person Behind G.W.Dost.
So My Name is Girjesh Suyal. I am the Founder of Gyan Wala Dost. This is not just a website but the Trust of Many Readers. For them, we provide Unbiased, Authentic, and Useful information continuously.

What is GyanWalaDost:-

Gyan wala dost is a spot to level up or Boost your Financial Knowledge. Many people work hard to earn money and finally, when the time comes to invest or enjoy that money. They End Up in a Financial Trap or Bad Finance decision. And why this all happened. The reason is a need for proper information or awareness about finance and its terms.

So we are, as Gyanwaladost, trying to provide you with a dose of Finance, whether it be your fiance or your other financial decisions. Here you will get all the basic to advance terms of Finance so that you can make your final decision better and build your portfolio strong.

Why we Started GyanWalaDost:-

The Simple logic behind starting GyanWalaDost is to Fill the Gap of Proper and Accurate information. Nowadays, if you try to learn something online, it’s straightforward. You have to just one click, and The data will be presented to you. But that information is Enough to make you able to make your decision Confidently. 80% of the people would say no. They cross-check every lead they get from the Internet. But why is this happening? Can’t we fully trust this Available Information?

gyanwaladost why did we started

The reason is that there are no limitations to uploading any information online. Because of that, many users write any Mis Infromation or ImProper Infromation, which can be more dangerous to us.

To get the Rid of that and provide you with A to Z information about finance (Loans, Mortage, Economics, Home Warranty, Real Estate) and many more, we started GyanWalaDost.

Our Mission:-

We want to make Finance Very easy to understand for the Users. So that they can make their Effective and Right Fiscal decisions. And to achieve this mission, we started providing you with content if somebody queries a loan. Our straightforward mission is to provide sufficient information to them through our articles. So that they can get all information at once complete information, and ultimately, they will be able to level up their financial knowledge.

Our Vision:-

We want to be the most Honorable and admired company in the World. And this can only happen when we stick with our mission and provide you with generous and valuable information. We promise our readers to offer them 100% Real, Authentic, Cross Proof and Unbiased information. So that they can make their life better and the people around them.

If we need to purchase 1$ product from the marketplace, we have to make our calculations and decide. And finally, after all the processes we finish in our minds, we decide. But what if we have fed information that is limited or misinformation? Then we will end up making bad financial decisions.

We are here to overcome that and enable almost every Internet user to access the Right and valuable information so that they can be more Accurate and Confident to make their and Bloingings’ financial decisions.

Gyanwaladost Founder:-

My name is Girjesh Suyal. I am from INDIA. I have been Completed my Post Graduation in the year 2018. and Right now I work in a company as an Accountant. I love Reading books, Especially I mostly read books related to Self-help and Finance. I gather information from different sources. And I share my experiences and Knowledge with the world so that every person can make wise financial decisions.

We Deliver Our Values:-

we are always bound by our values and we will always provide you with any information. These are our Values.

  • Consistency
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Transparency
  • Users Centric

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If you have Queries and Suggestions please feel free to let us Know.