Armadillo Home Warranty Reviews 2023

Home warranty Services is a Sector Where Many companies have been serving their services Since 1985. But, Today, we will Talk about a New age Home Warranty Company Called “Armadillo Home Warranty.” This company has impressive Reviews on the internet and works for their Customers. The company was Established in the Year 2021. and they cover all the States of the United States. So Today, we talk about Armadillo Home Warranty Reviews and their prices and plans. So that you can make your decision better.

Armadillo Home Warranty Reviews:-

We have collected 5 different review site data (including Google) to compare Armadillo Home warranty reviews. Still, we were surprised by their fantastic reviews.

Armadillo Home warranty reviews on:-

BBB – 5/5  Stars (3 Users Rated)

Agni – 3.8/5  Stars (4 Users Rated)

Google – 5/5  Stars (8 Users Rated )

Glassdoor – 4.7/5  Stars (4 Users Rated)

Trust Pilot – 4.6/5  Stars (38 Users Rated)

These are all the Trusted Source reviews about Armadillo Home Warranty. The data is a little because the Company is also new to the market, but the available reviews are fabulous; Armadillo company provides what they said, that’s why customers are satisfied and are writing about their experience with Company.


Armadillo Home Warranty – Introduction:- 

The company is located in Clarksville United States, Armadillo’s Founder and C.E.O. is  Matan Slagter. and the Strange thing about the company is You can chat with Matan Slagter (Armadillo Home Warranty CEO) directly anytime.  This shows how the company is connected with there users.

Company Name – Armadillo Home Warranty

Working Years – 3 Years

Service – Home Warranty Services

Service Location –   Clarksville Tennessee  (United States)

Reviews – 4.5/5 Average of All Reviews.

Address –1400 Main Street, Suite 164, Clarksville, IN 47129

Phone –(844) 471-1800

Email –

Official Website –  Armadillo Home Warranty


Key Points of Armadillo:-

Every business comes up with its Key Points and U.S.P.(Unique Selling Point). So here are some Key Points of Armadillo Home Warranty Company.

                                                                                 6 Key Points of ARMADILLO HOME WARRANTY


  • Lower Price than other available Home Warranty Companies.
  • Direct Chat With C.E.O.
  • Available in All 50 States of the United States
  • Easy Cancellation by Phone or Email, No need to write a prior letter.
  • 1 Month Free Service
  • Very High Plans Fee + Service Fee


Location Availablity:-

Armadillo is Available for all 50 States of the United States. you are at any place in the U.S. they are ready to serve you at your fingertips. There are many companies that just provide services for local areas or only for some particular states. like Blue Ribbon Home Warranty they just provide services for Colorado State of United States.

So if you are one who wants to Pick a local home warranty service provider. then you can research with the terms “Best Home Warranty Company Near Me”. then you can start Refining the best company for you.


Pros & Cons:- 

Flaws are everywhere, and We show you both sides of the coin. so that you can gather 100% Generous Information. and Invest your Hard earned money in the Right place. So Here are Some Following Pros and Cons of Armadillo.


  • Very Easy to Use and Interactive Interface of the website.
  • Upto $7500 Coverage
  • Available 27*7 also for all 50 States
  • Transferable
  • 1 Month Free Service
  • C.E.O. Chat Unique Concept
  • we can choose our Technician


  • Prices are High even from the Base Plan, Very High
  • Air Conditioner is not available for Basic Plan
  • 30 Days waiting period to Start your Claim after purchase.
  • The Service Fee is also Very High In comparison to their competitors.


Armadillo Home Warranty Plans/Coverage –

Armadillo has 3 Plans for a Home Warranty. Which gives coverage of Different-Different Items and prices according to the Plans.


1. Base Plan:-

This plan is the Lowest coverage and lowest price plan of the Company. Here we get coverage of all Items (Which are covered in the following 2 plans) Except Air-Conditioner and Home Heating System.

2. Standard:-

This is the average plan of Armadillo, here we get more than the basic plan and less than the 3rd Premium Plan. This plan covers all items of the Base Plan but with that here Air-Conditioner and Home Heating System are also included in this plan.

3. Premium:-

This is the plan, which gives the highest number of coverage, but actually, this plan covers all the items of the Standard plan nothing more than that. but the difference here is Pricing. and why this plan is expensive if the coverage is the same as Standard. Now let’s talk about that.


Armadillo Home Warranty Prices:-

Here we can compare Armadillo home warranty Prices and Plans Coverage. Prices are the point where most of the users make or break their decisions. and if I personally Share my Experience. Armadillo Home Warranty company’s Prices are Really very high. Not even Top Home Warranty companies/ Their Competitors match These hiked Prices. They are just Plundering to their Innocent Users.

So Here are the Plans prices of Armadillo Home Warranty:-

  • Base Plan Price:- $439.89/Year, $39.99/Month, ( Maximum Coverage- $1K for Households,$2K for Appliances,$3K for Major Systems ) +$150 Service fee every time You call for Repair or Replace.


  • Standard Plan Price:- $725.89/Year, $65.99/Month, ( Maximum Coverage- $1K for Households,$2K for Appliances,$3K for Major Systems ) +$150 Service fee every time You call for Repair or Replace.


  • Premium Plan Price:- $1209.89/Year, $109.99/Month, ( Maximum Coverage- $7.5K for all ) +$150 Service fee every time You call for Repair or Replace. 


Armadillo Home Warranty Price


These are the Company’s prices, and Here’s why the premium plan has a higher cost if the Items or Number of covers is the same as the Standard plan. The reason is Company offers the Highest Coverage, up to $7.5K, which is the maximum compared to the Remaining 2 Plans.


Armadillo Home Warranty Service Fee:- 

The service fee is a fixed amount, which we must pay the Home Warranty company whenever we call a Technician for any service repair or Replance. If that Item has a miner fault, still, we are bound to pay that fixed amount of Service fee.

This process is simple; if we call the company for any reason, maybe we are calling for any fault, any technician visits and send Pictures to the company, and the Company refuses to repair that Item because that particular Item’s Fault or component was not covered in the plan.

In this case, We have to Repair that Particular Item on our Own and Over that. Still, without any service, we are bound under contract to pay them a Huge Fixed service fee to visit our house.

And this Armadillo Home Warranty service Fee is $150. Which is really very high. Their competitors are easily doing services for $60-$100.


List of Items Armadillo Home Warranty Covers:-

Here are all the Items, Which come under Armadillo Plans Coverage:-

  • Systems
    Air Conditioning System
    Home Heating System
    Electrical System
    Plumbing System
  • Appliances
    Built-In Microwave
    Food Spoilage
    Garbage Disposal
    Kitchen Exhaust Fan/Hood
    Trash Compactor
    Water Heater
  • Household Items
    Ceiling Fans
    Garage Door Opener

This is just a List of items that the company covers. but that doesn’t mean the Company will cover all the times and there all the components. You have to Read the company’s Exclusion Section clearly while making or Signing the Contract. There will be clearly Mentioned Which items are under your particular plan and which items are Excluded. not just items there is one more situation where the company cover the minor wear and tear of the System but not the major components of that System.

For Example. Make a Contract with the company. And there was Water Cooler Covered under your plan. and suddenly one day your water Cooler stop working. You will make a call to the company and the company will send you a technician. you will pay him $150 as a service charge. Now he was checking your watercolor and found the problem with the Compressor or Condenser. Now he will send details to the company. and what will the company do?

The company will deny Repair or Replace of the Water heater or its Components because Your Water Heater was under the plan. but these major component (Compressor/Condenser) was Excluded.

This way you will lose your Fixed $150 as a Service fee + You have to pay here for that particular component if you want to fix that. and all this was happening because we didn’t Read the company’s Terms of Services Completely.


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My Opinion:-

The company is Amazing, Doing Great for their Existing Users, and Users who are using the service from Armadillo are also happy with the company. But the point services should be all Users Centric not just for Rich or Expensive Guys, this is the only problem/point I found with the company.

because once we start giving that amount companies will set these charges as their base and then we will definitely see a massive hike in Home warranty services.

Armadillo offers the same services at the almost Double price and their service charges are also very expensive. which every Citizen can’t afford.

These are my Analysis of Armadillo Home Warranty with Different Aspects:-

  • Ease of Use –            5/5 Stars
  • Support –                 5/5 Stars
  • Trust-                       5/5 Stars
  • Value For Money –  1/5 Stars ( Reason- Same Services Other Companies are offering for Almost Half Amount of Amradillo)

and before jumping for any Home Warranty company, You must try to find a person in your contact ( Your Friends, Friend’s Friends, or Relatives ) who already using any home warranty service. ask them about that particular company. If they are happy with that Home Warranty company. then you match that company’s plans with your checklist(You have to create a checklist, of which items you can’t skip on the plan and which items you exclude.). if everything is matching you can select that company. This way will get better Results in Less Effort and this wills save you Time, Mental Peace, and Hard Earned Money.


Other Best Home Warranty Company 2023:-

Every company has its U.S.P and Some Drawbacks. We are providing you Top 5 best home warranty companies of 2023. You can Choose According to your requirements and Budget.

These are the Top 5 Best home warranty Company in 2023:-


  1. Select Home Warranty
  2. Choice Home Warranty
  3. Liberty Home Guard LLC
  4. American’s First Choice Home Club
  5. Armadillo Home Warrany


top 5 best home warranty compnay

Armadillo Home Warranty Company Deserves First Position on the Top 5 Best Home Warranty Company List. Still, The Price of Plans is the only reason that pushes the company Downward into the List of Best Home Warranty Companies.


Armadillo Home Warranty Referral Program:-

You can earn with Armadillo Even if you are not Armadillo’s current or past user. and this earning method is the “Refer and Earn program” or “Partner Programs”. where we can generate a handsome amount for every lead we generate for the Company. in simple terms if we refer our unique link to someone and they purchase any plan of home warranty from Armadillo. we will get a commission on that.

we have Visit Aradillo’s official website and then Clicked on “Partners” on the Top Bar. here you have to fill in your basic details and then you will get an email or phone from the company they will explain you everything and they will also provide you, Your Unique referral link which you have to share with your clients or Friends who are looking for a Home Warranty Company.

How much you will earn here depend upon the number of Refer you have. and Which plan your Referred members are choosing.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:-


Question 1. Does Armadillo Cover Air Conditions for All Plans? 

Ans1. No, Except the “Base” plan Cover For All Remaining 2 Plans.


Question 2. Can I Choose My Own Technician For Repair Under Armadillo Home Warranty?

Ans2. Yes, Armadillo Home Warranty gives the option to OPT own Technician.


Question 3. Armadillo when can I file a Claim?

Ans3. After 30 Days of Your Home Warrany Plan Purchased or Signed.


Question 4. Who is the C.E.O. of Armadillo Home Warranty?

Ans 4. Matan Salgter is the C.E.O. of Armadillo Home Warranty Company.


Question 5. Armadillo Home Warranty Number?

Ans 5. (844) 471-1800


Question 7. Armadillo Homes Reviews Price?

Ans 7. $439.89 – $1209.89 Every Year.


Question 8. how to get home warranty to replace air conditioner?

Ans 9. Choose A plan of Home Warranty that covers Air Conditioner Replacement.


Question 10. What is a Home Warranty?

Ans 10. A Contract between Homeowner and Service Provider, To Cover Wear and Tear of Home Systems and Appliances.


Question 11. Does Home Warranty Cover HVAC?

Ans 11. Yes, but Some companies Exclude many major items and components. so make sure to read the Terms of the contract Clearly.


Question 12. Does Home Warranty Cover Plumbing?

Ans 12.  Yes, Home Warranty Cover Plumbing.


Question 13. What does Home Warranty Cover?

Ans 13. Major Systems and Home Appliances.



So these were Armadillo Home Warranty Reviews. This article helps you to get a better and deep understanding of the company. If you still have Douts and suggestions, please let us know in the Comment section Below. And you can Favor us by sharing this article with your family and friends. This helps us to keep you motivated towards our goat to provide you with 100% Authentic information, which can help you to save your hard-earned money.

And also, if you have any experience with home warranty companies, You can share your experience in the comment box; this will help many people.

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