Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Reviews 2023

Blue Ribbon has a Tagline “Honest, Affordable Protection Since 1985”. So Today, we will know every aspect of Blue Ribbon Home Warranty so that every internet user can make their decision more accurate and invest in the right plan.


Blue Ribbon Home Warranty:-

The company has been providing its services for the last 38+ years. Blue Ribbon home warranty company was established in 1985 and, to that date, serves only the Colorado State of the United States. Yes, the company only offers its services Locally or all over Colorado. And there are many other companies available in the market that provide home warranty services all over the United States, which cover Colorado State also. Now come to the point which makes Blue Ribbon Different from Other Home Warranty Companies.

Company Name – Blue Ribbon Home Warranty

Started – The year 1985

Service – Home Warranty Services

Service Location – Colorado State Only (United States)

Reviews – 2.4/5 Total 209 Users Rated (Google Reviews)

Address – 95 S Wadsworth Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80226

Phone – (303) 986-3900

Official Website – Blue Ribbon Home Warranty


Key Points or U.S.P.(Unique Selling Point):-

  • 38+ Years of experience
  • 2 Free Months of Home Warranty Service
  • competitive Prices and plans
  • less Service Fee
  • Decent Discounted Price Plan for 2 Years Warranty

Location of Services:-

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Company is located in Colorado state of United States. but that doesn’t mean if the company is located in a particular place it will not offer services for other places or States. but in this case, this is True because Blue Ribbon Home Warranty services are only Locally available for Colorado. Yes, they provide their services all over the colorado. but not other than that particular state.

Blue Ribbin home warrranty colorado united states


If You are the one who was looking for any Locally available home warranty services or company then you can add Blue Ribbon home warranty company to your list for analyzing and Reviewing.


Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Reviews:-

The current data of Blue Ribbon Reviews are not that much good. The company has Below average Ratings on Google. Upon the basis of the Review, we get a better understanding of the company. And Review plays a major role in making or breaking our decision about any product or plan.
The Review is something that the company can’t modify that much.

Because sometimes, companies put some paid Positive reviews for their product or services, but they can’t stop users from expressing their views and experiences. Users who have already taken their services express their experiences upon different review sites so that we can be aware and make our decision perfectly.

If we talk about blue ribbon home warranty Reviews, they have 2.4 stars Rating out of 5 Stars. Where 209 users Rated them. This number of 2.4 Star shows users are unsatisfied with Blue Ribbon Home warranty services. A company has to work a lot for their users’ satisfaction. And fulfill the terms of the Contract.

Because Currently, Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Reviews are Average Below. And we recommend you find someone near you if you still want to purchase blue ribbon home warranty service. Ask them what they experienced. If they are happy, you can go ahead, and if not, just Research for another best home warranty company.

Blue Ribbon home warranty reviews are available on multiple platforms, where we can better understand the company and its behavior towards its Users.

All the Available Reviews of Blue Ribbon Home Warranty are available on different platforms.

Gyan wala dost blue ribbon home warrnty reviews

Plans and Coverages:

Blue Ribbon Home Warranty has Three Plans Silver, Gold, and Platinium Plan. all the plans have different systems and Appliance coverage.

The silver plan is a Basic plan of the company and the Gold plan is an Average plan, which covers Items more than Silver Plan but less than the Diamond plan. And finally, we come to the Diamond plan, which includes all Services of the Above two Plans. additionally, we got here benefit of adding 3 items from the additional items menu.

So these are the Following Major Systems and Appliances which come under different plans of Blue Ribbon home warranty plans.

blue ribbon home warranty plans


Blue Ribbon Additional Plans/Coverage:-

The company has not any other plans than the 3 mentioned plans. But they offer additional items or Other Items coverage for their platinum plan members. Users can choose 3 major systems available on the company’s other items list. but there are also some conditions one of them is you have to co-pay every time for these additional items.
So these are the following major systems that come under the company’s Other Items list. Or Additional Items list.

  • Built-in double wall oven
  • Gas fireplace
  • Well
  • Septic tank
  • Sewage ejector pump
  • Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Pool & Hot tub combo


Exclusion on Additional Coverage Systems:-

  • Ducted Air Conditioning Systems – Refrigerant and Refrigerant recapture, Roof jacks, Stands, Conversion Condenser casing, electric air cleaners, filters, Gas Air Conditions, window and wall units that are not ducted.
  • Washer/Dryer or Laundry System – Plastic mini tubs, Suspension Systems, Soap dispensers, Filter Screens, Knobs, Dials, Springs, Hinges, Venting, Lint Screen, and damage to Clothing.
  • Gas Fireplace – Manufactured Logs, Glass doors, and Remotes.
  • Pool/HotTub(Including Saltwater Pool) – Pool sweep motors, Ligths, liners, Filter system, jets, control switches, Computazied control board, Ozonators, Fuel Storage tanks, Built or Detachable cleaning equipment including pop-up heads, turbo valves or covers.


Blue Ribbon Exclusion of Liability:-

Here we must always read the Terms of Services Page very clearly. Ultimately, This is a kind of Insurance business, and companies want to deny claims as much as possible.

And this terms of services/Contract page gives them an Edge. Because their company mentions every single point of any promises they made during the contract. And if we don’t Read that, this can be problematic for us shortly whenever we will call the company or ask for a claim.

But don’t worry, here we are providing the list of Exclusion/Limitations the company put on the contract. We will also attach the Terms or Services page of Blue Ribbon so that you can read more deeply about Blue Ribbon’s exclusions and limitations.

  • maximum coverage shall be $2000.
  • only the company has the sole right to choose a technician
  • if any system or Appliance was not installed properly before the company has the sole right to cancel and cover that system.
  • Any kind of Solar System is not covered.
  • Electronic and computerized management systems are not covered.

Cancellation and Transfer:-

What are the conditions where the company can cancel their contract or can you transfer your Home Warranty plan? for that, we have to know the company’s Terms for Cancellation-

  • any kind of misrepresentation by the buyer gives the right to the company to cancel the contract.
  • If Premiume, Co-Pay, or Other funds are not paid.
  • in case of Harm to the company’s System or Items or the Company’s Employee/Technician.
  • Buyers can also cancel and stop the service for that they have to pay 10% of the premium. and  You can cancel upon the 10 days written notice to the company.
  • Yes, Blue Ribbon Home Warranty is transferable.


Blue Ribbon Plan Prices-

Blue ribbon home warranty has Three plans and all three plans come up with different pricing or cost. which starts from $419 -$879 per Annum. And service fee and the co-pay fee are not yet included here.

Blue Ribbon Silver Plan Price:-

For this plan, you have to pay $419 Every Year for coverage and a $75 Service fee every time you call the company or the company sends a Technician to inspect the Problem. This plan covers less number of items so that plan is cheaper than the remaining other two plans.

Blue Ribbon Gold Plan Price:-

Here You will be charged $649 per Annum and a $75 Service fee on every visit of the Technician sent to you by the company.

Blue Ribbon Platinum Plan Price:-

This is the most expensive plan of the company and here you have to pay a significant amount in comparison of mentioned two services. Blue Ribbon Home Warrany Platinum plan price is $879 Without a Service fee. Here again, you have to pay a Fixed service fee to the Technician of $75.

blue ribbon home warranty price

Additional Prices –

This was the number of different plans. But still, after paying that much Company puts many exclusions and additional charges in the form of Co-Pay and Service fees.

You can choose any of the plans. But still, the Company will not cover more than $2000 cost. If any systems cost more than $2000 during the Repair or Replace. That additional amount will be paid by you. and that can be any amount. And this is not for every Major System and Appliance. There are different limits of upper spending of the Company.

As for any specific item, this can be $300. If that particular appliance costs more, you have to pay that additional amount. And if you think here, you will get some relief from service pay because you have already been paid a handsome amount for the product in the name of a co-pay. Then you are wrong because service fee you have to pay for any cost or conditions.

To be safe and aware of every condition, you must read the terms and conditions page before contracting with the Company. This will help you to save your Hard Earned Money.


Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Pros and Cons:-

This company provides combative plans and pricing in the market but still, we have to know very well every aspect of the company so we can make our financial decision much better and wise.

gyanwaladost blue ribbon home warranty pros and cons


  • 2 Months Fee Service (14 Months plan for 12-month Payment)
  • Good Discount on 2-Year Plans
  • Cover Refrigerator for all Plans (With many Exclusions and Conditions)
  • Discount for Senior Citizine or Army personnel
  • Easy to get Plans Both Online and Offline Options are available
  • Transferable



  • Only cover costs under $2000
  • Limited to only Colorado (Wikipedia)
  • Internet Ratings are not that good Even Below Average
  • $75Low Co-Pay is not Low. (Company says its low co-pay)
  • Report any wear and tear within 24 Hours, other than that company will settle the claim.
  • can’t choose a Technician Only the company will decide.
  • Emergency call – You can’t Ask the company for repair or Replace of any System and Appliances after working hours and Sundays/Holidays. if you call for the service after the Standard time You have to pay additionally.


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My Opinions and Reviews:-

The company is working towards its pricing to make that competitive and trying to cover all the users of Colorado. But at the same time, the company must focus on its Existing Customers and Plan Holders. If they are unsatisfied, this all expands, and offers don’t make sense.

We recommend on the basis of our Research or Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Reviews you Join or Purchase any plan if you can find any of your Friends and Family members who exist or were users of the Blue Ribbon home warranty. Ask them about their experiences and if they found any issues with the company. If you are getting your answers positively, just go for it; otherwise, skip the company directly.

Some other options are available in the market that covers all over the United States. They are not just limited to Colorado. Still, every company has there uniqueness and drawbacks. So read about every company deeply, especially the terms and conditions page.
These are the following best home warranty company.


(These all above links are nonaffiliate links which means we do not get any benefits by Recommending you all above companies )


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:-

Question 1. How do I claim warranty from Blue Ribbon Home warranty?

Ans 1. Go to the Official website, Fill Up the “File Claim” Form or You can just call them at (303) 986-3900

Question 2. Is Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Available 24*7?

Ans 2. Yes, But with various conditions and charges.

Question 3. Can I transfer my Blue Ribbon Home Warranty?

Ans 3. Yes, You can Transfer Your Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Plan.

Question 4. Can I cancel my Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Plan?

Ans4. Yes, You may cancel upon 10 days written notice to the Company.

Question 5. Would I have to pay any amount, if I cancel my Home Warranty plan from Blue Ribbon?

Ans5. Yes, you have to pay 10% of your premium if you cancel your Home Warranty Plan.

Question 6. Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Diamond Plan Price.

Ans6. $879 Without Co-Pay and Service Charge of $75.

Question 7. Will I have to pay a service charge Every time?

Ans 7. Yes, every time company sends you a Technician, You have to pay $75 as a Service charge. No matter how big or small the fault is.



This was all about Blue Ribbon Home Warranty Reviews. I hope this Unbasied Review was helpful to you. And now you have more clarity about purchasing Home Warranty from Blue Ribbon Company. If you still have doubts or experience with Home Warranties or Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, Please don’t hesitate to comment below your experience/Suggestions/Queries. This will help others to get a better understanding of Home Warranty companies.

Also, You can favor us by sharing this article with your family and friends. This helps and motivates us to make in-depth and Genuine reviews for You.

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