EMC Home Warranty- A Scam That Preys on Homeowners 2023

Hello Readers, today we will uncover the Hidden Real Truth of EMC Home Warranty Company. Right now, many companies are available in the market with a mask of Home Warranty Services, But 80% of them are just a waste of Hard Earned money. And almost one of them is EMC Home Warranty. So as always, we come up with facts and proofs. Let’s Explore and Review EMC Home Warranty. Is this company where you can put your Hard Earned money for Home Warranty or Other Home Related Services? Because the company not only provides Home Warranties but also offers Multiple services. So Without any Delay let’s talk about Company.

Introduction –

Company Name – EMC (East Coast Mechanical) Home Warranty (EMCSERVICES)

Started – The year 1985

Founder – Mr. Remirez

C.E.O. – Mr Jose Ramirez

Service – Home Warranty and Other Home Services

Service Location – Plam Beach County, Broward County, Martin County, ST. Luice County in the United States.

Reviews – 4.3/5 Total 17,079 Users Rated (Google Reviews)

Headquarters – Boynton Beach, FL, United States.

Address – 1500 North High Ridge Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Phone – +1 (561) 475-1889

Official Website –  EMC Home Warranty

USP of EMC Home Warranty-

The company claims very Big and bold points as their U.S.P.

35+ Years Experience – The company was Started in 1985 and has obvious use of Experience.

Same Day Service – The company offers a same-day service claim option where if you buy any company plan, you can instantly claim your warranty.

Service fee cancels – The company claims they will be on time for the service after your call; if they cannot reach you on time, they will not ask for a service fee, which costs $90.

127 Trucks –The company has 127 Trucks EverReady to Instant Services. And that trucks are fully loaded with all the essential Items for Service.

AC Repair Under 60 Minutes – The company offers 60 Minutes AC Repairing service. If your AC gets Stuck for any reason, you can call the company, and they will be there in under 60 minutes with their truck and will Repair it Instantly.

What Items EMC Services Cover –

Emc home warraty covers

Here is the List of Items as Major Systems and Home Appliances which fall under EMC Home Warranty. And as with many other home warranty services, this company excludes Major Systems and Appliances or their parts. Hence, this is very important to know which items the company covers and which do not.

List of Items –

1 Year Parts + Labor Coverage
$45 Flat Fee Service Call
Freon 410-A
Drain Pan
Fan Blades
Garbage Disposal up to 1/2 hp.
Water Heater
Garage Plumbing Electrical
Oven / Range
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Faucet Replacement
Drain Rooter Service
Major Plumbing
Toilet Replacement

 This looks very un explained right you have also to keep in mind always read full contracts and contract Terms of Services. so That you can get better and clear information about your Contract. I show you an example of what can happen if we just look at these services from the outside and sign the contract.

EMC home warranty

as we can see in the above statement of the EMC home warranty, they are covering Oven in their plan but with these above conditions and Exclusions. Same as “OVEN” for almost every product or Item, the company has a fully detailed Terms and Conditions and Exclusion points Page, which will not be mentioned on that same page where you are getting the list of Items. So what you have to do is Simply ask for the Terms and Conditions page to the Company and Read there every single point of Service or statement which company promises you, Look at that page how the actual situation that is going to Proceed for your product,

What items of that particular Appliance are not being paid for by the company or when you can’t call the company for service, or Do you have to pay there any Fee for any kind of Wear and Tear in the Future, or what if you cancel the plan or want to close the service at any time.”

Then you will be more confident and well known of your decision, For these reasons, You have to Read all the points clearly. Otherwise, if you are just Signing without reading Every single point of the contract this is just a waste of Hard Earned Money.

EMC Homes Service Plans and Prices –

The company has mainly Three plans with different services and Prices. additionally, you can get your optional services for your Major Itmes if that item are not covered in your plan. and for that service, you have to pay more. Now Let’s Explore All the plans and their prices.

Systems Package

Total Home Protection

Total Home Plus

1- Systems Package- 

This is the Basic Plan of the Company and obviously its price will be also a bit lower than others. the company offers Monthly and Yearly plans. The EMC System Package Monthly cost is $25 and the Yearly $209.


This is only when you buy Co-Play Plan otherwise prices are a bit high. Now first explain to you.

plans and prices gyan wala dost

What is Co-Pay-

so co-pay is a process where if you buy any service of the company, every time you claim your service you have to pay their wear and tear cost with the company. here is Labor Cost + 1st Year Parts Cost + Service Fee. which means if you choose Co-Pay then Whenever you call your company they will charge you for wear and tear repair cost, labor cost, and service fee.

This amount of 1st-year parts cost will be 50% which you have to bare and the remaining 50% Company and the same goes with the labor charge. and service fee fixed which you have to pay fully to the company.

and now you have an understanding of Co-Pay and you don’t want to choose Co-Pay then what are the prices? So here you have to pay Monthly $29 and the Yearly plan comes with $299. and this is the basic plan of the company.

2- Total Home Protection- 

This plan is the average plan of the company. because it comes not the lowest neither Highest cost. You have to pay here $39 Monthy or $459 Yearly. with a Co-Pay plan. And If you want to go with NO-Co-Pay then the cost is $55 Monthy and $599 Yearly.

3- Total Home Plus- 

This is the Final and Most Expensive plan of the company and covers the Highest items in comparison to other plans, so if we talk about this plan’s cost. this plan with a co-pay we have to pay monthly $53 and $579 Yearly. and without Co-Pay under this plan, we have to pay $69 Monthly and $759 Yearly.

so these are the plans which the company offers but still after getting this much money company put many kinds of limitations to the homeowners and also put many major items under the Exclude Section. so I always recommend reading every single word of the Terms of Services page.

EMC Homes Reviews-

As Companies Grow and gain experience in the market, they try to give much better services to their customers. but in the EMC case scene is totally different. They are getting huge negative Reviews and Feedback from users. Users are complaining that companies make fake promises and they are not providing what they show or sign during contracts.

I will attach here some screenshots of the user’s review or links of the sites where users are showing their disappointment against  EMC Homes Warranty Company.

Bad Reviews EMC home warranty

Users are complaining company make fake promises and Even Don’t Follow the Terms of the Contract.

if we talk about Google’s Review of the Company then it has a 4.3 Stars Rating Out of 5 Which is Good Enough. but we all know How easy nowadays to Paid Reviews and Polish our Profiles on the Internet. but Ground Reality shows Everything Crystal Clear.

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EMC Referral Program – 

The company offers an Affiliate program Named “Refer a Friend Program” where Everyone can earn a good amount on a Successful referral. and Successful Refer will be counted once your Referral makes a purchase of any plan. There are two referral programs available.

  • New Home Warranty Customer Referral
  • New A/C Repair/Install Customer Referral

At The first one New Home Warranty Customer Referral you get the Referral amount, if you can generate a successful member for the company who is interested to buy a new home warranty from EMC Home Warranty and also purchasing successfully.

Same as you have to share your Unique referral link for the Second Program which is “New A/C Repair/Install Customer Referral”. and here you will find users who want to buy any service for their new A/C or who are looking to extend their appliances warranty. And here you also get a Handsome amount on refer.

But here is a twist on Share, You have to give them $25 as an offer and this investment will be back to you by the company in the form of a $25 gift card additionally you will get up to $100 as a bonus or referral amount.

Here are Some Simple steps to earn a Good Referral amount with EMC home Warranty.

Step 1. First You have to visit EMC Services (Official Website).

Step 2. Hover over About Category.

Step 3. The last second option is “Refer A Friend” Click on it.

Step 4. Choose a Plan you want to Refer “New Home Warranty Customer Referral” or “New A/C Repair/Install Customer Referral”

Step 5. Fill Up the Form Shown There and wait patiently for 1-3 Business Days.

Step 6. Here is your Unique Referral link. Copy the link and Share it with people who want to join EMC Home Warranty.

Step 7. “Congratulations” Now You are Earning up to $100 on Every successful Refer.

My Opinion About EMC Home Warranty-

The Simple Formula and Suggestion I would give you. First Create a Question List for yourself and put some Questions there that come into your mind regarding your home, “is this would be covered” or “Is that possible?” Something like that. Now just find a person that may be your friend or Relatives who are already a user of EMC Home Warranty.

Now spent some hours with them and ask them every single point from your ask list or Question list. and if their experience was good and they would continue. This is the Green Signal for you. easily without any hesitation, you can join as well. but if there is not that much or good experience that just instantly cuts out the Name of The company from your List of buying a Home Warranty.

I would Rate With the Following Stars-

  • Ease of Use –  4.5/5 Stars
  • Support –       3/5 Stars
  • Trust-             2/5 Stars
  • Experience –  4.5 Stars 
  • Prices –          1/5 Stars (Not that much combative also users have to Pay Labour+Service Feee+ Parts Cost with Co-Pay)

with the same price and services, some other competitors are available in the market and we can say the Best Home warranty companies of July 2023 in comparison to EMC Home Warranty.

Here you can do one more thing before making any purchase create a proper checklist of which items you can’t miss out on from the coverage plan and which items you can exclude. and read about the company as much as possible lastly Read the terms of Services page very deeply every word mentioned there is available with an Intension there. so take enough time to make that Read Fully.

FAQ – 

Question 1. EMC Home Warranty Cost?

Ans 1. $299 to $759 Every Year.

Question 2. EMC Homes Reviews Are Good or Bad?

Ans 2. Overall Score Is not that good, as they have experience. Every second person who comes up with their sad stories. which shows EMC home warranty is that credible and Reliable.

Question 3. EMC Wome Warranty Customer care number.

Ans 3. Phone: +1 (561) 475-1889 and Service Contracts: +1 (561) 701-9843. These are the General contact number Otherwise While You purchase any service, you use the Customer Care number you get In the Contract.

Question 4. EMC Home Warranty Cost.

Ans 4. EMC has Three Home Warranty plans. which cost a minimum to Maximum of $299 – $759 Service charges are not included yet. along with these prices you have to pay service charges every time you call the company for any service or repair.

Question 5. Is home AC covered under warranty?

Ans 5. In one Word Yes. But comes under warranty with plenty of conditions. Some home warranty companies add AC or HAVC on their Optional plan, which means they are not providing AC or HAVC service under the home warranty if you want to add your AC then you have to purchase an additional plan or service from the company. and some companies add AC or HAVC to their plan but Exclude the main parts and components of the System. This means they will cover only minor wear and tear. here again, if you want to cover your AC fully under the plan, you have to purchase the additional plan’s services from the company. that’s why it’s very important to read your terms of services page very deeply.

Conclusion –

Here is one thing we have to always keep in mind, flaws are available everywhere, and have to use our due diligence before taking any financial step. Ultimately they are a kind of Home Insurance Compaines and they Try Till the Last Moment to make their Cost Reduce by denying Clam. some companies do it lesser and some make unethical practices like not following Terms and directly denying everything. we have to accept that 100% is nothing so we have to Find the Best Home Warranty companies according to our needs and Research and also we have to be Ready to do Compromise on some points.

I hope this article EMC Home Warranty was helpful to you. if yes then you can give us a bit of favor by sharing this post with your family and friends. and also feel free to write your experience or Suggestions in the comment down below.

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