How to File A home Warranty Claim Effortlessly 2023

How to File A home Warranty Claim Effortlessly? This is the question of almost every second user of Home Warranty Services. So in today’s blog post, we will know all about filing a successful claim for a home warranty. Many small but essential points can easily change the direction of the Claim Process.

If we talk about directly How to file a home warranty claim then it’s very simple.

Go to the Official website of your Home Warranty provider or call them.

Inform them of the problem occurring with your system or appliances.

They will send a technician who will fix the problem.

Problem solved. Now you can happily use your system.

but this is not the process that smoothes what it looks like. so now we will discuss in detail all the points which can help you to get or File your home warranty claim Successfully.

How to file a Home Warranty Claim:-

we have divided this Question into Three major parts and step by step we will unleash the process of filing the Claim of Home Warrany.

  1. Process Before Filing a Home Warranty Claim.
  2. Process of Filing a Home Warranty Claim.
  3. Process After Filing a Home Warranty Claim.

Process Before Filing a Home Warranty Claim:-

In this part, we have to mainly focus on the things/Situations which we can easily handle and control. As for Example if we are already known of our Home Warranty plan Terms this will help us a lot. while we want to settle our Claim.

Here we have some major points which you can Note Down to make sure that you are definitely going to get your Home warranty claim successfully. And Without any Hassel or debate with your Home Warranty service provider.

Major Ponts to Keep In Mind:-

Read Terms and Coverage Clearly:-

Yes, This is a very basic point where most of the users got Trapped. If we look from the Home warranty companies’ Point of View What do they want?  They will make more money as much as people buy home warranties without reading Their terms and conditions completely. because at the end of the day, they are a kind of Insurance company. and they have always a lame Answer to give you whenever you ask for the claim.

So if you are already reading all the terms of the company this will save you and your hard-earned money. because before making the deal if read the Terms and conditions completely and if you found something which is not suitable for you, you can easily choose any other home warranty company. but once you have Purchased any plan of the company this will make you stick with the company for a certain period of time or will make you lose a Decent Amount.

Exclusion Systems and Items:-

This is the most crucial part of your plan, Which Home warranty companies will never want to You know that, and that is a List of Items and Systems under Exclusion or Exclued Part. Usually, Companies keep these items under Exclusion like Air-Conditioner main components, and HAVC major components, Compressor, Conditioner.

and if something you are not getting clear, just discuss with that salesperson about the Exclusions and their Conditions.

List of Items under Coverage:-

Here we are providing you with some major systems and Appliances list, which most Home Warranty companies include in their plans or coverage. but still, after looking at these items you have to still check into your particular plan which items coverage your Home Warranty company provides.

List of Items Home Warranty Plans Cover:-

Home Heating System
Electrical System
Air Conditioning System
Plumbing System
Built-In Microwave
Food Spoilage
Garbage Disposal
Kitchen Exhaust Fan/Hood
Trash Compactor
Water Heater
Ceiling Fans
Garage Door Opener

This is a list of items that generally home warranty companies cover, but in your case, while purchasing a home warranty plan, Check here if these items are available there or not, If items are mentioned under coverage then you have to check conditions applied to each item.


Understand Fee and Co-Pay:-

Every home warranty company has a Fixed Fee Called a Service Fee. As a Customer, we must pay Whenever we call the company for any Repair and Replacement. No matter if that item is being repaired or replaced by the company. The Home warranty company may Deny making that repair with the Excuse that This item is not under your Coverage. Still, we have to pay a Fixed amount to the company in the name of the Service Fee. This can range between $65-$150 or even more.

This is very important for us to know and read clearly in the contract what Service Fee we will pay or what Service Fee the company charges for Every Visit.
With the Service Fee,, we have to Cover 2 Major Checks: CO-Pay and Maximum Coverage.

Co-Pay and Maximum Coverage are the points where the company will tell you, “Hey, now we can’t cover your items cost more than that. Now you have to pay for Extra charges” This is the perfect example of Co-Pay and Maximum coverage of Every Item.

Under maximum coverage, the company mentions in their contract how much the maximum company will pay on a particular System or Appliance Repair and Replacement. this could be like $1000-$3000 Maximum.

And Co-Pay is a term where the company said after this maximum limit is reached, we both will pay 50-50 Percent. So these two terms are critical. You have to definitely read your contract because these terms have the potential that can destroy your Peace and Savings. If you are still looking for the section, ask your salesperson for Exclusion, Co-Pay, and Maximum coverage on Every Item Comes under your Plan.


This is a straightforward but make-or-break point of Claiming process. You have to always keep a Separate dairy of your Home Warranty plan. And note every visit, repair, replacement, and other things datewise on your dairy. Also, not just daily, you must make visual documentation of your System and Appliances when they have any issues and keep that with you. Now sort all the items accordingly so that during the claim process,

if they commonly deny for any reason or any fake reason, you have a proper record of everything with date, time, and visual content. This can help you a lot; these are your supporting evidence, like Photos, Videos, dates, and all other points you note down.

Even a pro tip here is once the company repairs and replaces the items after that, also keep a video with you so that in the future, if the identical item fails for any company’s mistake, like not correctly installed. The company is trying to blame it on you. Then you can easily show them this was your fault.

Process of Filing a Home Warranty Claim:-

Now we know all about our home warranty plan/coverage/Fee/Terms/Exclusions very clearly. now once our claiming period stars if we found any Major Systems or Appliances are not working properly or tucked. simply inform as soon as possible to your Home Warranty Service provider where you have to file a claim. lest jump into that how to File a home warranty claim.

Step 1 – In the First step we get 3 Options for Filing a Claim

Before jumping to the points one thing always keep in mind is don’t delay to inform your Items failure or problems to your home warranty service provider as soon as possible.

  1. Phone Call – Simply call your service provider and explain them all. you can easily find the Home warranty customer care number in your contract.
  2. Email- Here you have to write an email to your service Home warranty company and their email address will be mentioned on the contract. you can also add some images for better understanding.
  3. Online – Go to The Official website of your home warranty company and there will be a Section of Claim, and a Form will be displayed there. you have to fill out all the required details there and submit that. (Details like- your contract number, Your name, and problem)

Step 2 –

Now you have to wait for the Response of your service provider. they will let you know soon. Date and time when expected a Technician will reach out to your home and will inspect the problem.

Step 3-

A technician comes to your house Inspect the problem and will send all the details to your Service Provider, Then they will ask him to Repair/Replace it.

Step 4-

Once the Technician Fixed the problem, You will Pay the Service fee ($65-$150) to the Technician and will close the contract by informing the company. Yes, the problem has been resolved.

but in Step 3 if the company deny to cover your particular item with any Lame Excuses and you are sure of all their terms and conditions (This item is covered under the plan). You can show all the proofs to the company.

Step 5-

If the still company denies covering your System or Appliances you can file a case against the company. you have to simply visit Federal Trade Commission’s official website [Hyperlink] and Register an online Complaint against your Home Warranty Company for Not Fulfilling the Terms and making Fake promises or Unethical Business Practices. Federal Trade Commission is there for you is you are any kind of Fraud Victim just report them online or Even you can make a call at 877-382-4357.

But try to solve the issue with the company. If they agree, give them follow-up emails and calls. Ask them for a solution. And if you reach the point where you think Your Home Warranty Company is not going to solve the issue, then you have to go to Consumer court to protect your right. Ultimately it’s your hard-earned money. These home warranty companies can’t take it this way. So finally this is the complete answer to how to File A home Warranty Claim but this is not enough now there are some important steps that we have to follow.


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Process After Filing a Home Warranty Claim:-

Now you have been filed a claim and the company ready to repair and Replace that particular System. Still, you have to follow some Major Steps to prevent any future dispute with the company and can easily claim your warranty all the time.

Step 1- Again Documentation:-

This is a straightforward but very crucial part; you have to start recording the installation part of the newly replaced item by the company or Record the Repaired part condition after preparing. This way, you have a visual record of How the company installed that item.

And if that Item gets failure the near future, and the company tries to put that mistake on you or asks you to Co-Pay. Then you can easily show them this was the last time condition that’s why this got failure or whatever the situation is. But not all time. This video documentation will give you repair or replacement. Still, you will ensure the company can’t lie over the video.

Step 2- Closing The Claim:-

Recheck from your end that repair and replacement are working properly. and the Second most important point is. Before closing the claim make sure to ask Your Home Warranty Service provider “Is there any pending or unclear payment Remaining? Which we have to pay for after this service charge?” if yes then pay that first. otherwise, this is the perfect chance for the Home warranty company to put some extra bucks on that amount with the name of late payment. Once your company confirms there is not any pending payment then you are free and can enjoy your life with peace.


Home Warranty plans are like 50-50 Percent of the game. Who will put in much effort, they will win. Because Home Warranty companies always looking for how they can avoid or Deny your Claims. So that they can make more profits on your money. And you have to be Ready with all the evidence. If any case company tries to deny fake Reasons, you can quickly wake them up and get your Claim.

And This can only happen once you follow this article from Start to end. I recommend keeping a proper checklist of all the points we mentioned in this article. And follow that checklist. This will save you more productivity while doing all these processes.

So This was all about How to File A home Warranty Claim Effortlessly. I hope You found this article helpful, and yes, You can give us a Little Favour by sharing this article with your family and Friends. And if you still have any doubts or suggestions, please let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

Question 1. How do I initiate a home warranty claim?

Ans 1. Fill Online form Through your home warranty company’s official website, Email your Service provider, or make a Phone call to your home warranty service provider and follow further instructions.

Question 2. What information do I need to provide when filing a home warranty claim?

Ans 2. You need your Home Warranty Contract Number and other basic details like your name, Zip Code, etc.

Question 3. Can I file a home warranty claim online?

Ans 3. You can do this by visiting your home warranty service provider’s official website.

Question 4. Is there a specific timeframe within which I need to file a claim after discovering the issue?

Ans 4. It Depends on Company to Company. But as soon as you report your problem to the company, this will help you to get the claim more shortly.

Question 5. What happens after I file a claim with my home warranty company?

Ans 5. They will send a Technician to your home and after inspection, they will cover the repair or Replacement of your Reported System or Appliances.

Question 6. Do I need to pay a service fee or deductible when filing a home warranty claim?

Ans 6. No, During the Filing process, you don’t have to pay any fee. But once the technician inspects the problem, you have to Pay Service free or Co-pay (In Some Cases).

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